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       What is inflammation of ink? "Inflammation ink" namely: Chinese people own ink!

       We focus on the past two decades of ink manufacturing and research and development, national rejuvenation, the fortunes of our costomers...

      Taiwan S.M Materials Corporation, founded in June 2013, has been dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of PCB ink for the nearly thirty years under the support of research, development & management team, and has developed to be the pilot of PCB ink industry in Greater China Region. Thanks to the industry-leading R&D team, integrated with decades of years of production & management experience and perfect marketing & after-sales service system, Taiwan S.M Materials has developed to be one important power in PCB ink in the present world!

      Taiwan S.M Materials has developed a complete product formula in photopolymer & solder mask field, covering all kinds of PCB inks; They are equipped with tremendous experience in manufacturing, extraordinary product quality and worldwide sales network. Taiwan S.M Materials is way ahead in auto circuit board, IC-substrate, flexible substrate, high-precision and high-res circuit boards and other mid-to-high applications than counterpart companies in China, and the gap with the similar products made by Japan and European and American countries has been constantly narrowed, with the quality up to or even exceeding the international advanced level.

      The after-sales service team consists of dozens of members who have averagely experienced in it for over a decade of years, with the educational background of junior college or higher; Taiwan S.M Materials has a worldwide after-sales service network in the whole China, Thailand, South Korea and other countries, thus providing multilingual after-sales services. All members have accepted professional theory and skill training, thus having a good knowledge of ink in the production process and being proficient in the use of ink, which can enable them to respond effectively and timely to the customer demands. Every member will answer every question proposed by customers with the most rigorous attitude, meticulous pursuing and permanent adhering to high quality, ensure the accuracy of data and the effectiveness of the scheme. They will accurately follow regulations and disciplines prepared by the company, and never disclose any technical or product information of any customer.

      The investment in product R&D has been further increased year by year; Under the technical support of Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan S.M Materials cooperated with College of Polymer Science and Engineering, Sichuan University to establish the National Institute of Photosensitive & Insulating Materials, which have obtained several patents, with some being put into industrial production and mature gradually.

      Taiwan S.M Materials Corporation has been awarded as the "Doubling Program Enterprise" of Chashan Town, Dongguan City for its contribution as a low-energy, low-emission and low-labor high-tech enterprise. In the coming 5 years, Taiwan S.M Materials is confident that it can grow to be a perfect PCB photopolymer & solder mask supplier, ranking No.1 in China, and No.2 in the world.


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