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Ink printing nuances The new one hundred yuan chao watermark "bang" hair style
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Ink printing nuances The new one hundred yuan chao watermark "bang" hair style
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After obtaining new renminbi reported recently, yibin citizens found differences of paper gold thread. Today, the coin holder huang hua with three bills came to yibin city center sub-branch of the people's bank of China (hereinafter referred to as: the pedestrian yibin branch) gold and silver for identification. After professional appraisal by experts that huang hua reflected by the three note nuances are manageable, not counterfeit fault, does not affect the use.

Watermark appears above the "bang"

The pedestrian yibin branch staff are identified

Watermark "bang" hair style

Today, the reporter carefully comparing the three COINS in the hands of a huang hua, found that in addition to one of the gold line, obviously, unlike the other two, there is also a new $one hundred notes left watermark and the general notes are different. "I also found later on this money can be a little difference. Put the money to the light to see, can see clearly the left watermark chairman MAO head more than a few hair, hair like a bang, to the right of the chairman MAO's jaw has a mole." Huang hua told reporters.

Then the reporter according to huang hua carefully than in the direction of the coin, found by huang pointed out that different parts of the can be found in the paper, the watermark of chairman MAO's head more than a few hair, looked like "bang" hairstyle, and normal COINS are not redundant hair.

Huang hua said: "I found this problem after, I also collect a lot of information to understand the knowledge. To the people's bank of China to today, is that you want to ask an expert to see, what is the specific reason."

The expert appraisal: the situation belongs to the nuances of ink

Pedestrian yibin branch of gold and silver branch staff responsible for monetary identification after careful examination of huang hua COINS, identified three notes are real. "Extra hair and moles are in the process of printing ink concentration caused by nuances."

For paper money looks like in the hair and more "spiders", the staff is introduced: "we have to get the COINS are passed several shape after printing. As you can see, after this coin by magnifying caused by local ink is a little bit more, when magnification can be found traces of ink and not making problems. But it is within the scope of the controllable, belongs to the normal range, is not the wrong currency."

As for gold and other COINS location, the staff told reporters: "this is due to the money in the process of printing typesetting, it is normal, not people think the wrong currency. Now just a new renminbi issue, the general public interested in new version of the new features, get new mostly will check carefully after research. The greatest feature of the new renminbi relative to original anti-counterfeiting technology is more complete, citizen if you have any questions, can be consulting to the gold and silver branch."

Pedestrian yibin branch: there are differences between new belongs to rare and does not affect the use

At present, yibin the counterfeit detector and automatic banking financial institutions use different machine is full upgrade, pedestrian yibin branch is the positive publicity to promote commercial and civil paper, counterfeit detector, automatic machines and so on for updates. Pedestrian yibin branch currency in recent time, have carried out the new renminbi knowledge propaganda activities, related knowledge among the people.

Pedestrian yibin branch monetary gold and silver head told reporters: "at present, yibin new renminbi issuing work overall effect is very good, all in order to promote all work. Since June and July this year, we have carried out throughout the city related training work, the new renminbi knowledge training to the city's Banks and financial unit, also the first in the whole province conducted to average the training work of enterprises, the need to master the knowledge of all the training one by one to you."

And comparison of the past a new renminbi, "said the head of the security performance is higher, the entire coin design more advanced and perfect, there are some changes, people accept it. There is also a process just now, in addition to the citizen huang hua found a coin, a slightly different citywide haven't received feedback from the other relevant circumstances. Therefore, it also suggests that this kind of situation is very few, and not the so-called coin), only ink printing caused nuances, and does not affect the use. If people have doubt, you can go to ask and identification of the local people's bank of."

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