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The 9th Shanghai printing award The beauty of assemble high-quality goods Light shine printing art
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The 9th Shanghai printing award The beauty of assemble high-quality goods Light shine printing art
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In the printing industry has, structure optimization, to the backdrop of the transformation and upgrading of green printing, we ushered in the 9th Shanghai printing award.

Shanghai printing award since founded in 2006, has been uphold the selection principles of "openness, fairness and justice", show the domestic printing results, the concept of the arts, publishing and printing technology, the combination of the integration of design, publishing and printing, encourage the production of good quality, innovative and competitive print, has been generally recognized by the industry.

The 9th Shanghai print awards not only has many local units to participate in, also attracted from jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong, shanxi, gansu, 6 provinces city such as Beijing, a total of 141 units, 896 varieties of the contestant, after the intern, review, enter the number of varieties of administrator sig gissler, a total of 320 books and 167 of them, packaging, 120, 33 digital printing. The print awards were selected full award two, four hardcover publication gold medal, the paperback publication (including journal) gold prize 6, foreign publications gold medal four, commercial printing gold prize three, the carton packaging (bag) gold prize three, the gold medal 1 carton packaging, tag labeling gold medal 1, plastic, metal, glass and other packaging gold prize 6, publication of digital printing gold medal 1, commercial digital printing gold prize, four other digital printing gold medal 3.

This print awards in Shanghai for the first time invited the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television publishing product quality supervision and inspection center expert, Hong Kong and Taiwan printing industry expert judging panel, hope in this poll, as an opportunity to print in Shanghai and all over the country including Hong Kong and Taiwan region, the peer exchanges and cooperation, and actively to Shanghai printing award winner elected office "Chinese print award". Hope Shanghai printing awards ever expanding influence, finally by national printing award selection to be upgraded to international upstream to the foreign advanced printing design and printing, domestic printing enterprise customers to go out and win-win.

The 9th Shanghai printing award works


Ali works name 】 【 murals

【 】 categories publications printing business

The award-winning unit 】 【 Shanghai art printing co., LTD

Ali comments 】 【 murals for the ridge hardcover book box process. Cover box surface mounted for pure handmade paper, book title, "ali mural" hot pearly white, spine, back cover, hot dumb gold, with deep concave pressure effect. Uneven handmade paper framed molding tray is put on the table, from a distance like Tibet rapid flow of snow mountain.

Hardcover leather case surface mounted for printing of silk cloth, cloth printing paper colour effect is like your text, fully display the mural of warm color, color is more warm, furama beauty. Cover, spine, bronzing, hot red, barns, anchor and ShuKou trilateral lutetium orange side, fully embody the color meaning of Tibetan Buddhism.

Adopt international standard book eight open design, coupled with exquisite printing technology and exquisite production, after the ali mural of intense colour, fine line, realistic style, romantic conception, simple local features and profound traditional culture show incisively and vividly, are really good paperwork.

The gold medal

Famous works name 】 【 draw appreciation boutique series

【 】 categories paperback publication (including journal)

Shanghai world dragon award units 】 【 art printing co., LTD

To comment on the book in the format on the book and other new, encyclopedia for copy paper delicate, inside pages take new page form, and each is divided into upper and lower two copies of books, the antique, full of artistic breath. In a new face, between ink painters, wen xin miao theory again show the classic charm.

Dabao cleansing soap works name 】 【 smoke pull a small box

【 】 categories the carton packaging (bag)

The award-winning unit 】 【 Shanghai Yang sheng printing co., LTD

With reverse paper printing, outer comments 】 【 and on-line coated matte oil, combine paper texture and Chinese ink painting style design, laser engraving technology on positive hollow-out window, fully show the details of the lattice grid, echo positive landscape by strong wind in China.

Stamps works name 】 【 proof carries an anti-counterfeit label for the integration

【 】 categories commercial digital printing

Shanghai's award-winning unit 】 【 Noel anti-counterfeiting technology co., LTD

[on] this tag set, colorless fluorescent anti-counterfeit currency veins, color printing ink, page hot silver, color stamp die cutter and other physical security and logical variable qr code, variable unlock, anti-counterfeiting technology such as color variable miniature, variation points to read at a suit, label the overall design, beautiful and practical, functional.

"Tribal works name 】 【 geometry and flower" tinted print cartridges

【 】 categories of plastic, metal, glass and other packaging

On the winning unit 】 【 sea bright plastic technology co., LTD

Will review 】 【 the flowery colour painting combined with 3 d technology into the cosmetics packaging container, through the three-dimensional model is decomposed into several layers of plane section, the printing material layered overlay, eventually form a stereoscopic 3 d effect. Work beautiful enamel colour and bright color, elegant, smooth lines.

Works [name], missy

【 】 categories foreign publications

"The award-winning unit" zhejiang xinhua digital printing co., LTD

【 on 】 the book cover the hot stamping and pressure concave convex process. Nevin adopting CTP lithographic monochrome printing, layout of neat, uniform ink, writing clear. Binding used hardcover process, lock line incision places have manual stamping double color random pattern. Design style one integrated mass.

Works name 】 【 Shanghai four seasons

【 】 categories hard cover publications

Shanghai award-winning unit 】 【 c&c joint printing co., LTD

【 on 】 the book ridge hardbound, shell surface using pressure branding iron, hot silver, local UV process. Text color saturation, across figure accurate, clear hierarchy, fully embodies the charm of photography, the perfect interpretation of the beauty of the nature harmonious ecological draw general, poetic artistic conception.

New postal yuanyang works name 】 【 gift box

【 】 categories commercial digital printing

Shanghai xuan award-winning unit 】 【 smooth printing co., LTD

[on] gift box adopts the upper structure of open the door, with traditional hand-made by Chinese dish buckle, reflect the meaning of open the door to meet xi. Gift box lifted the lid on the surface of the left and right sides respectively by 3 d relief printing digital printing each couple's name on it, make gift tailored to see, can touch the exclusive souvenirs.

High simulation works name 】 【 Song Ta "treasure JinZhai include"

【 】 categories other digital printing

The award-winning unit 】 【 printing (group) co., LTD., Shanghai

【 on 】 the book choose zhong edition of treasure JinZhai include "as the original, using four color scanning and digital printing process, in the traditional manual paper high simulation replication. Draw core paper with wang six auspicious manually, using the ten color digital print, can make the inky sink into the paper through the paper in the back, rubbing traces clear lifelike, lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood.

Just four works name 】 【 hide Jane volume, volume 2 (rest easy, just four)

【 】 categories hard cover publications

The award-winning unit 】 【 Shanghai art printing co., LTD

Hardcover book review 】 【 wrapped in jackets, surface after printing, the title on the cover hot black, red seal hot, hot silver, title English spine bronzing, back cover hot silver, cover the bottom as a full version of the hit convex. After two volumes of form a complete set, and the overall visual impact feeling, fashionable high-end antique and a scroll.

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