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A ink printing ink also hasten the world environmental protection
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A ink printing ink also hasten the world environmental protection
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With the progress of technology and the development of the market, China's printing industry has made great progress in recent years, the big four printing way have the development of the range, post-press binding linkage automation, color desktop publishing system has universal application, digital graphic processing system of open mode and has become the basic characteristics of prepress system, direct plate-making technology and digital printing has become the development direction of publishing industry, environmental protection laws and regulations related to the printing industry is continuing to improve.

However, compared with international developed areas, whether it's printing equipment research and development, production, or printing workshop environment pollution problem, as well as printing consumables especially dosage the biggest gap for printing ink of environmental protection, all this for the development of printing industry in China has brought great challenges and opportunities. For printing consumables, printing ink, in particular, the development and production of various new materials to meet the requirements of environmental protection, is a great opportunity. The good news is that, in the field of printing ink, the original formula, production technology, raw materials, drying methods of transformation, now have been mentioned on the agenda.

At present in our country, in the process of printing ink is basically used solvent ink, these organic volatile solvent ink, do not handle, directly into in the air of workplace, not only cause certain influence to production environment, will also have great harm to the health of workers. This is because the solvent ink containing 50-60% of the organic volatile substances, in addition, in the actual production process is usually combined with adjustable ink viscosity required thinner, so the printing quality dry, ink, the total content of volatile components of the four-walled even as high as 70-80%. According to the national standard requirements, the maximum allowable concentration of the benzene in industrial production workshop for 10 mg/m3, toluene is 100 mg/m3, xylene is 100 mg/m3, the printing of benzene average concentration exceeds the national standard 2.2 times, 4.2 times more than the national standard, xylene average concentration is more than the national standard. From a medical point of view, this will bring huge for printing workers health irreversible damage.

In addition, in the actual production, in addition to natural volatile solvent, also affect printing environmental printing ink in the application of fault, such as disturbed "misting" phenomenon in printing industry for many years. Misting phenomenon because of the printer in the high speed rotates, the ink roller ink film is divided between, stretched, fragment, under the influence of the surface tension of the ink, the fragment contraction, forming numerous spherical scattered small drops in the air, the so-called misting phenomenon. Misting phenomenon brings to the printing process of the larger harmfulness is mainly manifested in the following aspects: damage to the environment, adverse impact on the quality of product, for long time to damage people's health. In the production of other heavy metal exceeds bid will also lead to environmental deterioration in the printing, and even affect the health of the operator.

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