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What factors can cause in the process of digital printing ink dry up?
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What factors can cause in the process of digital printing ink dry up?
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In the process of digital printing, printing ink dry problems sometimes. The ink dries up is caused by what reason?

1, when the old version printing not clean.

2, solvent drying too fast (printing speed and solvent evaporation speed does not match).

3, dry hot air blowing onto the layout.

4, scraper and layout of the contact point and pressure in the printing ink, such as dust, moisture, air bubble during the curing reaction of miscellaneous, ink transfer rate can be due to mesh point of actual amount ink down, some of the coarser particles and even embedded in the cave in the net.

5 the net when, plate-making den electric carving precision and Angle will be shadow.

6, to the transfer of ink, resulting in network is not enough or missing.

7, the quality of the printing ink and solvent is one of the causes of the blocking version, if ink liquidity is not good, the printing ink has been spoiled or mixed with different series of high viscosity, printing ink, used the inappropriate solvent or solvent ratio, even add solvent ink when improper operation, will affect the ink metastatic, cause plugging.

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