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Share the classification as well as the kind of offset printing ink is introduced
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Share the classification as well as the kind of offset printing ink is introduced
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Share the classification as well as the kind of offset printing ink is introduced

Ink as one of the most important kind of information representation printing material, should be in the process of printing with good printing eligibility. Offset printing ink is mainly composed of colored pigments, dyes, etc.), link, fillers and additives of matter, such as when dispensing according to certain proportion mixed according to the requirement of the printing, and after rolling mill made of ink technology.

Pigment is insoluble in water, also does not dissolve in oil or links, with a certain color of solid powder material, including two categories, inorganic pigments and organic pigments. It is not only a solid component of ink in the main, is printing on objects visible colored body parts. To a large extent determines the color of the ink, rare stiff, light resistance and other properties. At present, a lot of black paint used in printing inks for inorganic (carbon black), and color ink for organic pigments.

Offset printing ink to printing machinery, can be divided into sheet-fed offset printing ink and rotary offset printing ink; According to the different method of drying, can be divided into 7 offset printing ink, thermosetting offset printing ink, light (UV/EB) curing offset printing ink and printing offset printing ink. Different types of ink have different printing eligibility and purposes.

Different printing machine and the selection of different substrates on the offset printing ink

1. Web offset press ink

Web offset press the printing ink is usually referred to offset rotary printing ink, the ink basically divided into the following two types:

A. penetration drying: due to the use of newsprint, gelatine printing paper web offset press printing speed high and printing ink dry faster, so commonly used ink to permeability drying.

B. thermosetting ink: in the modern commercial web offset press, printing device to increase the drying device, the second half of in order to adapt to this kind of production condition using thermosetting ink, the ink in the drying device heating, printing ink solvent volatilization of makes the ink membrane drying rapidly, thermosetting ink of drying oil such as linseed oil content less. And oil agent content is more, other components with sheet-fed offset press ink slightly, with a thermosetting ink paper than osmotic drying ink adopted by the use of paper quality is better.

2. The sheet-fed offset printing ink

1) offset gloss ink

Offset printing ink light consists of synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil high boiling paraffin oil. High quality pigments, additives of gel ink. Used for monochrome, double color and multi-color offset press on coating of paper printing brochures, pictures, etc., senior beautiful calendar. Dry ink gloss mainly by connecting material conjunctiva, ink gloss, ink film good flowing property, attached to the surface of substrates should be able to form a plane, directional reflection of incident light, with a mirror effect, and this requires link is expected to maximize the stay on the surface of the substrates.

(2) offset printing ink resin

Offset printing ink resin using synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil, mineral oil, high quality pigments and fillers, after grinding and deployment. Offset printing ink resin is characterized by high vegetable oil content is less, solvent ratio, is usually high boiling paraffin, it plays a reduction in printing ink adhesion. When ink transfer printing on paper, this part of the solvent soon in under the action of capillary infiltration of paper fibers, sped up the ink drying speed, reduce the print smearing of failure.

(3) the UV offset printing ink

With UV ink in offset printing, often referred to as UV offset printing. UV offset printing ink is the use of ultraviolet (UV) radiation energy, causes the liquid chemicals by crosslinking curing rapidly into the category of ink ink film. It need printing with UV curing unit. UV offset printing ink as a kind of offset printing ink, it is the first to be in a way that is offset printing, so the UV offset printing ink also should have some characteristics of the ordinary offset printing ink is to satisfy the requirement of printing eligibility.

(4) offset printing synthetic paper printing ink

In the absence of UV offset press, the use of the usual four color printing machine printing paper, some ink on the surface of substrates, such as synthetic paper is not easy to dry specialty paper, you need to use offset printing ink, synthetic paper this ink is suitable for printing a variety of synthetic paper, gold card paper, silver cardboard, aluminum foil paper, specialty paper), such as the absorbent printing substrate, on which the print ink is dry fast, good adhesion characteristics. Because of this very fast dry ink, so stopping in printing process, should be clear in time the ink on the rubber roller, prevent ink dry crust.

With the development of science and technology, the rising of environmental protection requirements, so environmental printing ink arises at the historic moment. Environmental printing ink which is also called green ink, are mainly soybeans in offset printing ink, uv curing ink.

The UV curing ink, also known as UV ink. The main characteristics of UV ink is: no solvent evaporation, no pollution, accord with environmental protection requirement, widely used in food packaging and printing, printing eligibility, suitable for paper, cardboard, plastic products, metal, textile, etc of printability, short curing time, less energy consumption, good quality of printing quality.

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