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Parsing the four factors affecting the offset printing ink ink stability
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Parsing the four factors affecting the offset printing ink ink stability
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Parsing the four factors affecting the offset printing ink ink stability

Measure the stand or fall of a group of living standard is what? It not only depends on the color of the printing quality is in line with the requirements, more want to see this batch of live inky is stable. So, what factors will affect the printing quality in the process of printing ink stability?

A, temperature,

Maintain a constant temperature and humidity are very important to ensure stability of the ink.

Printing during the summer, due to the ambient temperature is high, so the printing press roller transfer ink more easily, and with the increase of time of printing, printing ink liquidity enhancement, under the condition of the same ink quantity, the printing quality of the ink will deepen, so in the printing process to detect the signal of the density, frequently compared with signed sample, if necessary can be properly reduced the ink amount, to print and sign the sample color.

In winter, due to the overall environment temperature is lower, just start up in the morning, when the temperature of the machine parts is low, printing operator must do the following two points to boot. First, improve the workshop of temperature and humidity, making the standard (temperature is 20 ~ 24 ℃, humidity is 60% ~ 70%). Second, heating or add additive in ink or ink ink oil, to increase the mobility of ink, and then switched on. This is because even if just standard, environmental temperature and humidity of each roller printing machine is still in the low temperature, can also cause ink transfer performance is abate, makes the printer cannot very good ink, printing speed is slow, ink stability is difficult to control. To ink quantity need to be added to the usual printing live the same thing twice, can let the print ink looks saturated; A gray or entire layout; Or printing thin paper (105 g/m2 and below), the paper is easy to stick on the rubber cloth, rubber cloth is bruised.

Second, to ink quantity control

Advance of before the printing ink is very important, after adjusting the good ink to print out the standard printing sample, also usually call sign sample (usually signed by the captain and workshop director approval), then you see it in the sample. Some press the captain after sign the sample that don't need to fuck what heart. This view is wrong, with the speeding up of the printing speed and printing time longer, ink viscosity and emulsifying volume change, inky hadn't really achieve stability.

This requires we must do before printing the following two points:

First, reduce the water before inking beforehand, because the density of different sections, different needs of water will be different.

Second, printing, facsimile, the signal of the field density value should be in the standard range (four-color printing, Y is 0.85 ~ 1.10, M 1.25 ~ 1.50, 1.30 ~ 1.55 C, K is 1.40 ~ 1.70).

Make sure that the reason of the above two points, if a living thing on the ink quantity is very big, and live a ink volume is small, ink in advance before and no reduction of water volume in advance, then sign the sample color is not the normal ink, will change when printing. To the amount of ink in the layout and do not walk, will slowly accumulation on the roller and emulsifying gradually, the water roller pressure floating dirty after it is difficult to eliminate, and printing quality under the same amount of powder will be sticky dirty. Operators through the ink roller rotation that occur when the sound of "yi yi", or the ink roller inking and shiny can judge the situation. So the captain of the printing before sign sample must form the good habit of water reducing, observed in the process of running a version of the paper and ink mouth diao presence of tinting, until increase water gradually eliminate floating dirty, then the signal of the density conforms to the standard, the ink is conform to the real meaning, "with minimal ink printed standard and minimum water print" theory, this live will be very easy to do ink stability, easy to control.

After the sign sample, as the speed increase, to regular sampling inspection gradation is stable, generally a new machine has ink characteristic curve, the machine automatically according to the different living thing properly add ink and water. While a relatively old printing machine for control, don't think signing the word can rest assured to speed up printing, it is easy to cause waste. Speed slower, then adjust the volume of ink and regular sampling, regular size, the printing speed must not suddenly from 6000 pieces per hour to more than 10000 copies per hour, otherwise easy to cause the inky shallow, printing quality on diao mouth easily dirty, resulting in waste. Slowly accelerating to the appropriate such as printing speed, observed hundreds of protracted war, if the color is stable, so this is the true sense of the "rest assured" printing stage, as long as do regular sampling, observation, common living stability also will be very easy to control.

Third, education version liquid concentration

Nowadays many printers are adopted a system of automatic education version, it's from the operator to embellish version liquid concentration adjustment work, here, I just need to manually add education version fluid on the printing machine. This printer required operation personnel deployment good education version before boot, this is because the printing process to add water and alcohol and water tank on the central plains some education version fluid on the temperature and concentration were different, easy to cause print with dirty, but if you want to remove the floating dirty need to increase water quantity, inky water will increase and becomes shallow, it to the general living a little impact, but for high speed and high quality living thing has, prone to failure.

In addition, the education version liquid concentration must conform to the requirements of the printing, this can be through the pH paper or concentration meter measurement. In any case, if the concentration is too large, the ink can not meet the requirements, and ink emulsification soon; Is too small, and if the concentration of water added to the large living the tinting will eliminate, and accelerates printing, the floating dirty, it is easy to appear in the mouth diao position of water will increase the inky becomes shallow, form a vicious circle, makes the stability of the ink can't control, after running empty or stop when printing ink will be very big change, and easy to cause sticky dirty. As a result, the operator should be measured every two hours a education version liquid concentration, according to the need to add a trace of alcohol, because alcohol volatile, in the process of printing plate and rubber cloth in the process of the pressure and the rotation can cause alcohol evaporate. Long time with no alcohol, no liquid concentration measuring embellish version, is six or seven hours after the education version liquid concentration is very low, causing the dirty version, emulsion, such as fault, cause the ink stability cannot control. Everyone is easy to overlook that.

Fourth, printing speed

This through the stability of the ink is always, because only in stabilizing the feida paper under the premise of color to maintain stability. If the feeding and improper adjustment, empty and boring car, and both can cause ink is not stable, also will waste a lot of paper, in case of an electrostatic big offset paper (paper generally below 100 g/m2), easy to appear the regulatory punch and paper rather than wait for a phenomenon, it will have to think of some way to increase the air humidity, placed above the feida paper feed, eliminate electrostatic metal rod in order to eliminate paper static electricity.

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